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You have no idea how capable you are.
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You have no idea how capable you are. <br /> Let’s find out together.
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Project DOMINOES – Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem

Implementation period February 1st, 2022 – January 31st, 2024 The DOMINOES consortium is composed of three higher education institutions and an NGO dedicated to the investigation of hybrid threats, propaganda and disinformation

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DOMINOES project began in February 2022. It addresses three major priorities of the ERASMUS+ program:

  • Digital transformation;
  • Supporting digital capabilities in higher education
  • Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training.

DOMINOES target group:

The target group of the project consists of M.A. students and professors from the partner institutions, as well as civil society trainers and interested professionals involved in the fight against disinformation and its effects on society. The project’s overall goal is to increase the target group’s digital competences in order to be able to identify fake news online and to avoid spreading disinformation.

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Increasing the participants’ digital skills and especially their abilities to identify fake news in the online information ecosystem;


Creating a network of educators and professionals that can share and tackle specific problems caused by disinformation as well as develop means to increase societal resilience in face of this threat;


Identifying and developing an adaptable set of digital solutions to the problem of fake news that can be disseminated and practiced through a Massive Open Online Course.

Consequently, DOMINOES is designed to provide an innovative solution that not only assists the target audience in developing digital literacy, but also places the understanding of digital technologies in a wider social, cultural and security context, signaling broader implications and effects of digital technologies on individuals and society. Ultimately, DOMINOES encourages a positive and resilient mind-set in which technological innovation opportunities are assessed and negative behaviors are avoided.

The main activities in DOMINOES are:

  • Development of a training curriculum on the characteristics of the phenomenon of disinformation and information manipulation, on methods of identifying them online and on responsible conduct in the information ecosystem so as to prevent their dissemination;
  • Development of a training syllabus in the guise of a Massive Open Online Course based on hands-on exercises and learning-by-doing methodology meant to develop the participants’ digital competences and resilience in identifying and tackling online disinformation;
  • Four transnational project meetings to coordinate the development of the training curriculum and syllabus respectively and to organize the learning/teaching/training activities;
  • Three learning/teaching/training activities for the members of the target group from the partner countries but not only;
  • Three multiplier events to disseminate the project results.